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About Counselling

Counselling is a form of listening which enables a person to begin to make sense of their personal issues and to work out ways to resolve them. I will not try to tell you what to do neither can I resolve your issues for you... but I can certainly help you sort things out in your own mind and start to work your way through things.

One of the ways I can do this is to provide somewhere calm, peaceful and accepting for you to sit quietly to think, and to talk, whether it is in my own counselling annexe, or telephone/Skype..

Counselling for specific Issues

If you are a couple you may need help and space to talk to one another. I can provide this. I can also teach you how to listen to one another and start to communicate on a deeper level.

One of the most difficult things to talk to each other about can be sexual issues. I am a fully qualified Relate trained psychosexual therapist, marital and relationship counsellor.

Sometimes, sadly, a relationship is over. You may need help in explaining this to your partner, or you may need support while you come to terms with a relationship break up. I can provide this.

Not all counselling is about the making or breaking of relationships. Sometimes clients need help in understanding and coming to terms with loss, whether it is through bereavement, redundancy, retirement or adapting to change. Transitions can be a difficult time. I am trained to help you. I can also help with low self-esteem, depression and self-development.

Stress and anxiety are part and parcel of today's busy and uncertain world. Using CBT and NLP techniques, I can teach you some practical ways to cope better.

I believe, and my clients tell me, that counselling helps people get in touch with their own inner strength and wisdom. Deep down, most of us know what to do but at times, life can seem so confusing we need a quiet, confidential space, and a non-judgemental, impartial but caring listener, to help us find a clear path through our jumble of feelings. I am trained to do just that.

Counselling Supervision

As a fully trained counselling supervisor I also offer supervision, to students and experienced practitioners. I taught counselling to Diploma level at a local College of Higher Education.

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